Rongomai Ridge

Photo of old house burning down

At Rongomai Ridge we have news regarding the burning down and building of the new house, Bailey and Yofi and events at the ridge.

Weather Station

Picture of sunrise taken by webcam

I have a Oregon Scientific WMR200 weather station setup at Rongomai Ridge which has a live update to this website along with a webcam where the photo updates every 5 minutes....check it out here


Mel and Michelle outside restuarant named after them in Tel Aviv

The Worlds is Our Oyster waiting for us to discover it!  We love to travel and try to update the website with our latest adventures.  To check out our travel adventures click here



Mich's Mum stayed in a Youth Hostel in the town of Stamsund back in 1982, and raved about it. So we looked it up, and booked in for a night.

It was the most tranquil place we had visited with all sorts of interesting people.

Stamsund Hostel

A Swiss bloke who worked for the UN, who was taking time out to write a novel. An Indian couple, and Australian/Scottish couple living in Oslo, then Swiss, Spanish, French and German university students chilling out and spending time hiking and fishing. Each night everyone got together in the kitchen, cooked, laughed, held conversations in every language, translated for each other, and then laughed again.

The next morning we bid fond farewells to our new friends to take a meandering drive down the coast to Å.

A...pronounced Ohhh

Å is pronounced “oh” and happens to be the last letter of the Norwegian alphabet, and also is at the very bottom of the Lofoten Islands. The drive was spectacular, but every shop, cafe, museum along the way had decided to close early for winter. We had a booking for the youth hostel at Å, but since it was so dead we returned to Stamsund and were welcomed back like long lost family.

Mel cooking breakfast