Rongomai Ridge

Photo of old house burning down

At Rongomai Ridge we have news regarding the burning down and building of the new house, Bailey and Yofi and events at the ridge.

Weather Station

Picture of sunrise taken by webcam

I have a Oregon Scientific WMR200 weather station setup at Rongomai Ridge which has a live update to this website along with a webcam where the photo updates every 5 minutes....check it out here


Mel and Michelle outside restuarant named after them in Tel Aviv

The Worlds is Our Oyster waiting for us to discover it!  We love to travel and try to update the website with our latest adventures.  To check out our travel adventures click here


3SIS Vocation Lodge in Chiang Mai

We arrived in the evening at 3SIS B&B which just inside the walls of the old city of Chiang Mai. They have 2 types of accommodation, the B&B and the vocation lodge.

The room we had in the B&B was fine if it wasn't for the volumes of luggage Revi had and the extra space required for twin beds, multiplied by the number of nights (6) we had to climb over the luggage. We asked to see a room in the vocation lodge which was only 300 baht (NZD $12) dearer a night. What a difference in the room size and quality...we immediately changed rooms. I felt sorry for the luggage boy who had just lugged all our gear up two flights of stairs and then had to take it down the stairs again and then back up another 3 flights of stairs!

picture of bedroom

The vocation lodge facilities were lovely. We had a large area where we could sit on couches or bean bags and read, talk or play games, they had free wireless internet as well as a couple of PC's for general use. These were in constant use so we were pleased we had our netbooks with us.

relexation area

relaxation area

I would definitely recommend this place to anyone who doesn’t need the night life on their doorstep. It was easy enough to take a tuk tuk to where all the night life is happening. Revi would have preferred to have the nightlife on the doorstep.

The amazing Sunday markets are on your doorstep which is awesome! If you are looking to visit Chiang Mai here is the link to 3SIS and more photos we took of the place.