Rongomai Ridge

Photo of old house burning down

At Rongomai Ridge we have news regarding the burning down and building of the new house, Bailey and Yofi and events at the ridge.

Weather Station

Picture of sunrise taken by webcam

I have a Oregon Scientific WMR200 weather station setup at Rongomai Ridge which has a live update to this website along with a webcam where the photo updates every 5 minutes....check it out here


Mel and Michelle outside restuarant named after them in Tel Aviv

The Worlds is Our Oyster waiting for us to discover it!  We love to travel and try to update the website with our latest adventures.  To check out our travel adventures click here


Bo Sang Craft Village

Today we hired a taxi to take us to Bo Sang craft village where they make amazing umbrellas, beautiful silk products, lacquer ware, intricate wood carvings and pottery and much more.

First stop was the silk factory where they demonstrated the process of making silk from the moth

silk moth

To the worm

silk worms

To the cocoon


To the silk yarn

silk yarn

And finally the finished fabric


At the umbrella factory we watched as they made the paper for the umbrellas,

paper frames drying in the sun
glued the umbrella paper onto the umbrella frame,
sticking paper onto umbrella frame

and painted them.

umbrella painters

They have many painters who not only paint amazing paintings on the umbrellas but they will also paint on your tee shirt, backpack or anything else of your choosing. If only I had a tee shirt with me to get a unique design. They were selling tee shirts but as usual they were designed to fit the Thai body not the large European bodies we have.

We watched as the skilled carvers, cut out intricate designs in wood

wood carver

And you know the crackle look on lacquer wear…it is actually made using broken up egg shell!

lacquer ware

We stopped to buy paper lanterns for the Loy Krathong festival (more about the festival to come).

Latern stall

Revi buying lanterns

At the pottery factory we watched as a pot was made on the pottery wheel in under 2 minutes all made to the exact measurements!! They measure everything to make sure they are perfect. Revi loved the pottery from here and would have bought heaps if it wasn't for the lack of space in her bags and the ease in which it would break.

More photos can be found in the photo gallery.