Rongomai Ridge

Photo of old house burning down

At Rongomai Ridge we have news regarding the burning down and building of the new house, Bailey and Yofi and events at the ridge.

Weather Station

Picture of sunrise taken by webcam

I have a Oregon Scientific WMR200 weather station setup at Rongomai Ridge which has a live update to this website along with a webcam where the photo updates every 5 minutes....check it out here


Mel and Michelle outside restuarant named after them in Tel Aviv

The Worlds is Our Oyster waiting for us to discover it!  We love to travel and try to update the website with our latest adventures.  To check out our travel adventures click here


Gnome Home Arrives

Whilst the new house is being built small portable buildings sit at the bottom of the garden providing living and abolution block facilities. 

The buildings were delivered on a hiab truck and hoisted over the fence from the neighbouring driveway.

Portable building lifted over fence

The studio is yet to arrive which will be the sleeping quarters and study but in the meantime one unit is the kitchen, dining, living, office and sleeping area all in one!!  Mel calls it the Gnome home

our setup in the gnome home

More photos can be found in the photo gallery