Art Workshops

Every year the Motueka Arts Council organises a whole series of art and craft workshops.  This year Mel and I did Oamaru Stone Carving and Harakeke (Flax) Weaving.  I also did a Painting with Acrylics course.

Oamaru Stone CarvingMel made an art piece which she called Relief (as it was a relief to finish it!) in the Oamaru stone carving course - she joked about it with the reporter who came to take photos at the class and he quoted her in the local community paper!   I made something special for a friend's birthday and as they haven't received it yet - I cannot tell you what it is!

The painting with acrylics course was really interesting and full of theory!! We spent the first three lessons learning how to mix colours to paint the primary and secondary colours, the rainbow and more.  We did not get to paint a real picture until day 4 of the course.  I haven't finished my piece yet!  Now where have I heard that before... I have few unfinished pieces around the place.

Waikawa BasketsMel, Sue and I made a Waikawa basket each in the Harakeke weaving course - this is the traditional Maori food storage basket.  The most difficult thing on the course was actually finding the right flax to make the baskets.  I needed to collect 60 pieces of flax for 3 people and it took almost a week to find the right flax and get all 60 pieces!!  Yofi tested out the baskets recently but alas could not find any food!