Cara gets Married in Rhodes

Mum and I travel to Rhodes via Madrid, Cordoba, Granada, Barcelona, and Athens to see Cara (my cousin and mum’s niece)  get married to Matt

On very rare occasions member of our Kiwi family manage to catch up with members of our Canadian relatives and this August was a very special occasion with Cara from Toronto getting married to Matt on Rhodes Island in Greece.  Given that it is mum's 70th, Sharon's 60th (mother of the bride) and the all-important wedding we made the trip to be there.

The wedding was held at the Kresten Royal Villa and Spa, which is about 15 minutes from Rhodes town.  It was a mission getting to the wedding hotel as there was a national taxi strike and the public transport could not cope with the volumes of people needing to get from A to B.  Being Kiwi's we are not good at holding our ground as people pushed and shoved to get on the buses so we had to grit our teeth and join in or be left behind.  The taxis owners certainly know how to disrupt a country which is suffering from a major debt crisis and needing every cent in the height of the tourist season. 

The hotel is brand new and I have never seen so many swimming pools with many of the rooms having an infinity pool to themselves!  

Photo of hotelphoto of pools lit at night

The wedding was held at a Spa just down the road...well it nearly didn't happen as there was a big bush fire the day before right beside the Spa.  Luckily the fire was extinguished.  People travel to the Spa where they can lounge on deck chairs, swim in the ocean and have a few drinks.

Cara looked absolutely amazing not to forget the husband to be Matt.

...and the happy couple just after the ceremony

Cara and Matt after the ceremony

After the wedding ceremony the bride and groom disappeared with the photographer whilst we sat in the bar area.  I managed to take this great photo which reminds me of the famous scene in the movie Titanic.

Well you will never believe what happened next!  A few minutes later Cara decided to bale...

Cara climbing over barrier

and Matt followed yelling wait for me!

Okay,  okay I just made that up but goes to show how photos can mislead lol.

The wedding breakfast was around one of the hotel pools which was lit with lovely lanterns.  Unfortunately my camera decided to fail at this point so sadly no photos.

The menu was amazing...10 courses!!  Each course being bigger than the the point where no one could fit another mouthful in.  Then it was time to dance the rest of the evening away just like on Mama Mia.  

The next day was Sharon's 60th Cara arranged a special boat to take us all to Lindos for the afternoon.  Lindos is a lovely village with most buildings painted white on the coast of Rhodes with an Acropolis overlooking the village, port and ocean which is absolutely stunning.  

View of Lindos from the waterWhite houses in Lindos

Some were brave enough to ride donkeys up to the Acropolis..although Glen did not look too happy about it

Glen on donkey

The seas around Rhodes are popular with people who have the most amazing yachts and super yachts...

Yachts in Lindos bayYacht  passing the hotel - view across Lisa's infinity pool

On our last day at the hotel, mum and I had a chance to spend some time with Sharon, Cara, Lisa and their better halves.  We even managed to get a hotel guest to take a photo or two of all of us, which is very special as there are very few photos with the two families …it is a shame we could not all be there.

family photo

We say the world is so small, but it is also so big when it comes to getting separated families together who live so far apart.  Thank you Cara and Matt for giving us an excellent excuse to spend this special occasion with you, your families and friends.  We really enjoyed catching up.  Let's hope we don't have to wait so long next time.  We look forward to the Canadian crew visiting us down under in the near future.

There are loads more photos in the photo gallery