Pine Trees Come Down

Our neighbour who is ex forestry came over to help us remove some raphotos before we chopped the trees downther large pine trees, which were making a section of the garden very damp and shady.  The roots from the trees were also causing us a problem.  The photo on the right shows the trees still standing during the Chainsaw Course last year.

In all we removed 2 very large trees and 3 other smaller pine trees!  It is just the beginning of our program to remove pine trees in the immediate garden area and where they have become a problem.Good bye Pine Trees ...Hello View

The photo on the right shows the new view we have after the removal of the trees, which we had not expected!  We can see Woollaston Estate Vineyard in the distance.

We then spent two weekends cutting up the trees for firewood and mulched the remains with the garden mulcher we bought earlier in the year.  Mel's tree cutting expertise can be checked out in the photo gallery