Rongomai Ridge Burger Cook-off

Last weekend whilst playing 500 at the neighbours (which is a regular event), I mentioned that Mel made the best burgers having had them the night before for dinner.  Tony (the neighbour) piped up that he made the best burgers in town!  I declared a Burger Cook-off challenge to be held the following week while Treena (Mel's sister) was visiting from Wellington. 

Last night the two Chef's meet at Rongomai Ridge for the inaugural burger cook-off with a specially designed apron at stake!

Mel made Thai style pork patties with pineapple, cheese, lettuce and a secret sauce in a sesame-coated bun.

Tony's burger  was filled with marinated Venison steaks, plum sauce, mayo, Portobello mushrooms stuffed with pesto, kiwifruit and lettuce in a toasted burger bun.

Jill tasting one of the BurgersThe three judges, myself, Treena and Jill (Tony's wife) ate the burgers, Burger Cook-off Winnerand after much deliberation declared Mel the winner!  

Tony declared another cook-off was to be held next month with both chef's required to come up with a new burger for the judges to taste!  Once again the apron will be at stake.  Treena will not be available for judging, however we will find a third judge for the occasion!

More photos can be found in the photo gallery.