Burger Cook-off Round 2

On Saturday the 25th November round 2 of the Rongomai Ridge Burger Cook-off competitionRongomai Ridge - Burger Cook-Off Round 2 was held.  Tony cooked a Bluenose Fish Burger with lettuce and tomato.  Mel cooked a Chicken burger with her secret special Satay sauce, lettuce and tomato.

Tony and Glenis Aubrey - our neighbours (until the end of the week when they move to the other end of Nelson) were our guest judges for the evening along with Jill and Mich.

The judges took the job very seriously opting to minimised nibbles beforehand in order to ensure there was enough room in our bellies to do two burgers justice (they are smaller than normal so we can eat two!)!

 Once again the contest was very close with Tony wining my a nose.  Thanks go to our guest judges.  More photos can be found in our photo gallery .

 The next cook-off will be held in the New Year.