The big Cleanup

You have probably heard about the big cleanup that Mel & I have been doing around the property. Trailer loads of gorse, bracken, broom and other weeds have been removed, trees have been pruned and put though the mulcher and distributed under the trees in the tree lot.

Gorse to load onto the trailer

We discovered fruit trees that we didn't know existed

Rongomai Ridge is looking a lot tidier than a year ago and we have learnt so many new skills thanks to our neighbours and friends. We must thank:

  • The Kennedy's for drilling the holes to put the fencing posts in and providing other equipment as we needed it.
  • Gordon for helping us fell large pine trees around the area and giving us lots of other advise.
  • Tony Aubrey for teaching us how to fence and lending us all the fencing equipment.

We couldn't have achieved everything without you.