Snow at Rongomai Ridge

While I was in Spain in July soaking up the heat, the snow fell for the first time in 25 years in the Nelson region.  Rongomai Ridge went white for a day or two!

It wasn't a lot of snow like they get in other areas of the country in winter...but it was snow!  It was a shame to miss it as the area looked quite beautiful with snow on the ground.   

Snow accross the valley to the ocean from Rongomai Ridge

Yofi was not so sure about it and Bailey ventured out once or twice.  

Yofi paw prints in the snow

It was a treacherous trip for Mel to the toiet and living block from the bedroom.   Mel was a little dismayed to hear that it was 40 degrees in Spain whilst she was freezing her butt off at home.

pathway to toilet block covered in snow

Thankfully we won't have to worry about that now that we are in the new house. More photos can be found in the photo gallery