Depart Kiso and Nagomi Visit

Day 3 starts with breakfast in Kiso and ends with a Nagomi Visit in Kyoto

The next morning started with an early morning walk through the village, where discovered these really cool downpipe water features

We were served an outstanding Japanese breakfast with more special dishes including salmon, egg roll, rice, pickles, miso and a mountain vegetable that is only available for two weeks a year, so I was very lucky to be there when it was in season.  

An observation:  The Japanese people try and use every piece of spare space for vegetable & flower gardens.  Even the spare land beside the railway station was planted out.

Sadly it was time to leave this special place and head back to Kyoto as I was meeting Yoriko and her son at 3pm.  I signed up for a Nagomi Visit which, is an organisation that arranges visits to local’s homes for a meal.  It's a wonderful opportunity that I was fortunate enough to experience.  There is no guarantee that you will be taken in by a family so I was really excited when Yoriko contacted me.

Yoriko was the perfect host, preparing a banquet of yummy home cooking which included:

  • Inari-Sushi - an oval shaped rice ball mixed in vinegar and wrapped in a thin fried tofu bag and simmered with a salty sweet sauce
  • Chirashi-Zushi - vinegared rice tipped fish, vegetables and egg
  • Sakura-Denbu – mashed seasoned fish, codfish.
  • Chicken Naban - seasoned with soy sauce, sugar & vinegar and topped with tatar sauce
  • Takoyaki balls – octopus balls
  • Kinpira - is made with lotus root, carrot & konyaku potatoes.  Stir-fried with soy sauce and sugar
  • Mizuna green saladd with bonito flakes and nori seaweed
  • Dashimaki rolled omelette
  • pickled plum & cucumber
  • Warabi Mochi & a wafer cake filled with Macha ice-cream for desert - made from an edible wild plant - it has a chewy soft texture.


I also got to watch Yoriko's son Ryota make takoyaki (octopus) of my favourite dishes. After the beautiful meal, we headed to a supermarket where Yoriko and I swapped favourite things we like to buy in the supermarket.  It was interesting to find out that they celebrate Christmas by eating Kentucky Fried Chicken.