Kamigamo Tezukuri-ichi Market, Ramen Sen No Kaze & PONTOCHO

Today was the 4th Sunday of the month, so I travelled by bus to the Kamigamo Tezukuri-ichi Market.  By the time I got there the bus was packed and the bus driver had to turn people away at many of the stops …they were all heading to the market, so I thought to myself this has to be a good market.  

It is held in the grounds of Kamigamo-Jinja Shrine, which has beautiful green areas and a beautiful stream running through the middle of the market with kids playing in it.

kids playing in the strea

Now this was a lot better market than the Kitano Tenmangu Shrine market, although there were a lot less food options – mainly yummy breads and cakes.

Market stalls  yummy breads

I did manage to buy a few things, but not going to give it away here as to what I bought as a couple of presents were bought.  Once I had finished checking out the market, I walked around the grounds and shrine.  This couple (I think a wedding couple but you can never be sure) were dressed in true Japanese style.

Japanese wedding party I htink

After leaving the market, I returned to my hotel and then took a stroll through this big mall just two minutes from the hotel.  I bumped into Gaik who told me that she had found Kyoto’s number 1 Ramen café called Ramen Sen No Kaze, where she queued for 90 minutes!  She raved about the food so I decided I would go early to try and beat the queues.  I only waited 20 minutes thankfully.  There were many different ramen options to choose from and I choose the locals favourite Ramen and Gyoza.   It was certainly a very yummy dinner!!

Ramean & Gyoza

I ended the day with a walk down Pontocho.  This is the street filled with places to eat and is the go to place at night with a hugh choice of different foods to eat at different price brackets, bars and jazz clubs.  Many of the restaurants have views out over the river. 


I visited this lane on a number of occasions and all but 1 of my visits, I saw a Geisha.  They are so exquisitely dressed…almost looking like a doll that has been just removed from the box.  Nothing is out of place.  Today I was not quick enough to get a good photo.

More photos can be found in the the photo gallery