Weather Station Info, Software & Scripts

I have an Oregeon Scientific WMR200 weather station.  A photo of the outdoor station setup will be added soon.

To display my weather station information on this website I use:

Weather Display

This tool runs on my PC and collates weather data coming from my weather station into a usuable format.  It also provides the tools to upload data to my website and other websites.  To find out more information on this tool click here

Weather Display Live (WDL)

This tool is provided by Weather Display and requires Adobe Flash which a lot of the new tablets and smartphones cannot use.

It displays:

  • live weather station data
  • statistical graphs
  • records - current month, yearly and all time records

To view my weather station data via Weather Display Live click on this link

To find out more about this product, click here

Steel Gauges

This tool provides live data from my weather station for viewing by devices that cannot use Adobe Flash.

  • for systems that can use Adobe Flash
  • best suited to Android tablets and smartphones
  • iPhone's and iPads

To view my weather station data via Steal Gauges, click on this link

To find out more about this product, click here and the Weather Display Forum has a lot of useful information as well


The graphs have been completed by my good friend Rob using  xCharts.  There is still a few things to fix on the graphs but I am very thankful to Rob for all his hard work on this :)


The records are created using a customised version of WX Records.  The orignal files were created by Dennis from East Mansonville Weather and R_o_B on the Weather Display forum customised them for me so that I did not have to use the complete Saratoga template.  For the layout, however I did use a CSS file from Saratoga's template.